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SadMan Software: Sudoku
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2008 12:16 pm    Post subject: SadMan Sudoku upgraded to v3.2 (via 3.0 and 3.1) Reply with quote

Hi Everybody,

I've just realised I've been very lax about notifying about new versions, so here's a catch-up.

V3.0 2007-12-01
* Added the XY-wing solving technique.
* Added the XYZ-wing solving technique.
* Added the XY-chain solving technique.
* Added the ability to load and print from Sudoku Collection (.SDC) files. These are files that can contain many sudoku puzzles. This allows for a collection of puzzles that aren't deleted as they're solved. (Contrast this to the library which is a temporary storage place for puzzles that are yet to be played.)
* It no longer de-selects the "enter pencil marks" option when the puzzle is completed.
* It no longer de-selects any highlight when all pencil marks are deleted.
* The effect buttons now highlight strictly according to the cell content and pencil marks. Previously, if there were no pencil marks, it would create a set from the single rule of Sudoku, and then highlight from them.
* If you use a character such as X to represent empty cells, counting and then showing the solutions could omit one of the solutions and show the puzzle instead. This has been corrected.
* The Count Solutions function has been speeded up considerably.
* The copy-image-to-clipboard function now excludes the area surrounding the puzzle from the image.
* Added the ability to save puzzles in Simple Sudoku and Sudocue formats. (It was already possible to load puzzles in either format.)
* Fixed the missing "untranslation" of menu options when English is chosen instead of the default language for the current locale.
* Added comma-separated and tab-separated clipboard formats. The latter is useful for pasting into spreadsheets.
* Fixed a problem with drawing menus under Windows Vista.
* When displaying the number selector, don't attempt to use the built-in transparency of newer versions of Windows unless running in 32 bit colour mode.
* Corrected an occasional problem with the chain reported for colouring. The eliminations were correct, but the chain was reported incorrectly.
* Added the ability to colour different numbers in different colours. See the [...] button next to the default highlight on the colours tab of the options dialog.
* Added the ability to highlight multiple numbers at once. To highlight a second (or third, or fourth etc) number, hold down the control key while clicking the highlight button. (You'll probably want to assign different colours to each number first, see the previous change.) Sorry, but there isn't a keyboard short cut for this function.

V3.1 2007-12-03
* Limited the length of XY chains to 12, or else the XY chain solver could recurse far too deeply during puzzle creation, using an excessive amount of time and processing power.

V3.1.1 2007-12-05
* By popular demand... reversed the change that caused the "effects" toolbar to only use existing pencil marks. If the cell contains no pencil marks at all, the effects are shown based on the single rule of Sudoku.

V3.2 2008-10-10
* When the number selector is shown after a left-click on a cell (ready to enter "big" numbers) right-clicking the number selector will now toggle pencil marks instead. Additionally, the number selector will not close if the control key is pressed while it is clicked, allowing other pencil marks to be toggled too.
* When printing the current puzzle, also print the solution if this option is selected.
* When opening files, or pasting from the clipboard, it now recognises additional formats containing pencil marks.
* The puzzle library is now updated automatically when upgrading to a new version.
* Added Clear and Random buttons the the Advanced Colours dialog.
* Added a configurable background colour for the selected cell.
* Changed the default colours for clue cells to remove the pale yellow background.
* Now installs with an initial full puzzle library - simply to improve the experience of users installing for the first time.
* Added the missing XY chain to the solving technique selection form.
* Corrected a minor fault with the Puzzle Collection form when printing from puzzle collections.
* Corrected a problem that could result in the same puzzles from the library being printed more than once.
* If printing an empty grid, don't print the solution!
* The timer is now paused while a dialog is shown, or if you navigate to another application.
* Corrected a problem with the hint function that sometimes prevented it from colouring all the appropriate cells for some block/block interactions.

V3.2.1 2008-10-12
* Corrected a fault that prevented the timer from pausing when focus shifted to another application.

The latest version can be downloaded from
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